Deli Counters Hot & Cold

Diverse Range of Deli Counters.
Knowledge and Capability to match or design your branding.

Display Units and Wine Cabinets

Top quality Display Units at very Competitive Prices.
3D Conceptual and Manufacturing Design to create any Display Unit

Handrails, Balustrades, Balcony Rails

Our Expert Team have vast experience incorporating Glass and Stainless Steel.
Befitting any Corporate Business, Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital or Private Home.

Stainless Steel Medical Furniture

Prep Areas, Portable Tables, Fixed Tables, Trollies, Washrooms and Sinks.

Our Products

                     Wincom Engineering Ltd. and Woodcom Retail Solutions - The One Stop Manufacturer for all your creative ideas ! 
                                When it comes to Stainless Steel and Wood we have a Full Range of Products to suit all your needs.

Refrigeration Units

At Wincom Engineering our expert team can offer our customers a choice of Refrigeration Units to suit their requirements.

Customised and Bespoke Refrigeration Units allow our customers the freedom to design their own unique unit to suit the space available or as a stand alone unit. 

Our Integrated Refrigeration Units can be manufactured to suit any space big or small.


Deli Counters Hot & Cold

We are proud to offer our clients a diverse range of Deli Counters Hot and Cold.

With a variety of finishes and materials available such as Stainless Steel, Wood, Stone, Formica and uPVC we can customise all Deli Counters to suit your individual needs.

Our experienced Team also have the knowledge and capability to match or design your branding for you.

Handrails, Balustrades & Balcony Rails

We also fabricate Handrails, Balustrades and Balcony Rails with an adaptable range of infill sections, including materials such as perforated steel and cast iron decorative sections.

We have extensive experience incorporating glass and stainless steel.

Extractor Canopies, Ducting and Louvers

Our customers can choose either a Full Standard or Bespoke Service on all
Extractor Canopies, Ducting and Louvers.

Wincom Engineering offer the best in the market with Competitive Prices, High Quality and Fast Production Turnaround.

Call us today for a quote

Stainless Steel Medical Furniture

Our range of Stainless Steel Medical Furniture include Prep Areas,
Portable Tables, Fixed Tables, Trollies, Washrooms and Sinks.

All our products are manufactured to Medical Grade and are subjected to rigorous testing throughout the process.

Sinks adjust pneumatically to a person's height and so reduces pressure on the lower back.

Coffee, Barista and Beverage Counters

With over a Decade of experience in the Coffee, Barista and Beverage Counter fabrication we have developed along with our clients a variety of innovative Beverage Systems.

With a choice of materials to choose from, e.g Granite Timber, Stainless Steel, Wood, Stone, Glass & Led Lighting, our Beverage Units have two major attributes - Quality and Functionally.

All of our Beverage Units are designed and manufactured to your individual requirements.

Display Units & Wine Cabinets

Need a Display Unit or Wine Cabinet ? then contact Woodcom Retail Solutions to see the range of Display Units we offer our clients.

Wheather it be Vegetable Units, Bakery Units, Confectionery Units, Ice Cream Units or Wine Cabinets we guarantee Top Quality Units at very Competitive Prices.

We can offer you a variety of materials to choose from including Wood, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Acrylic, Solid Surface Fabrication Glass to name but a few.....

Our Design Team are on hand to offer you ideas - with our 3D Conceptual and Manufacturing Design we can create any Display Unit to suit your specifications.

Commercial Kitchens

Fitting out a new Commercial Kitchen or just needing an update on one - then contact us today for a quote.

We Manufacture and Install Bainmaires, Tables, Sinks, Cabinets,
Work Surfaces, Wall Shelving, Counters, Hot Cupboards, Extractor Canopies, 
in fact everything that a Commercial Kitchen could possibly need.

You will be guaranteed top quality products at very affordable prices.